Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maybe We Miss A Few Things...

I have dealt with some loss in my life.  I understand hurt.  You could say I am good at hurt, as well as one could be good at such things.  It is never something that one wants to be good at, but many of us are.  I know that when I write I tend to be very blunt, but this isn't one of those times.  I want to look at loss and hurt a little bit, and how we live with it.

Loss is inevitable.  Loss is an inherent by product of gain.  So why does loss hurt more than gain feels good?  Corrie ten Boom said, "Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries them from your hands."  We view loss as a landmark on life's road.  We receive hurt as curse.  Pain is there because we have either a void in our lives that needs to be filled, or somethings as been put in void that doesn't belong.  No matter if we experience betrayals, loss of fortune, or even death we all understand that  the pain of life is coming to us.

Lets look at hurt from the three realms that we all dwell in

Physically, hurt is your body's way of telling you that there is a risk of serious injury if you continue.  

Emotionally, hurt reminds us of the importance we give, or have given to certain things or people.  

Spiritually, hurt exists to help us grow to a place of healing so that others may be healed to.

Physically and emotionally those definitions look at the inward effect, but spiritually the effect is outward.  Our ultimate goal is to have these three areas of our life in harmony.  That is not to say that we shouldn't feel pain and grieve loss, but dwelling in that loss is where we realize the selfishness of the physical and emotional and disregard the need to grow.

You never lose the memory of the pain and what happened, but the way we look at the pain changes.  I never look back at my losses as things I would want to relive, but I do look at those losses joyfully since those were allowed to be there to grow me into looking more like Him.  It is hard not to feel the pain of losing a loved one.  We want our loved ones to be with us, but remember...

We have never seen Heaven, and it is a place of indescribable perfection that is there for us all.  Press forward to that goal.  Not the goal of worshiping at the altar of our greatest defeats.

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