Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why You Don't Get What You Want

I will prepare you for this now.

This is a rant against Facebook.  No, I am not complaining about the new layout.  Why would I complain about a FREE tool I get to use on a constant basis?  I am complaining about the users of the free service, but more specifically I am going to rant against the attitude that says if something good is going to happen to me it needs to happen on my terms.

We have a very twisted way of looking at blessings.  God says, "Child I am going to give you want you want," and we respond by saying, "Great, now give it to me like this..."  I watch people talk about how much they hate school, and then when they get done they complain about the job they worked to get.  This is just one example but in the last year or so I have seen people complain about getting married, being pregnant, getting a new home, getting a new job, getting out of school, gaining new responsibilities, and even blessings for their children and spouses.  How much do you think we insult God when we crap all over the incredible things He does for us?  Then we go to God and say I want this, this, and this oh and by the way do it now and do it like I say.  Some of the people I see on Facebook (and a lot of you go to church with me) could be given $1,000,000 and you would complain about having to pay taxes, and if it was tax free you would complain about having to tithe on the money.

I am not being nasty, but I want to wake you up to what you are doing to you and your relationship with God.  God wants us to ask Him for things, big things.  God loves to show off and radiate His power through those who will allow Him to.  What God doesn't honor is when we try to make Him a god of our convenience.  When we look throughout scripture (and our lives if we are honest) God gives us 90% of what we think we need and the rest has to be an exercise in faith to cheerfully accept the blessings that have been given and to honor the blessings that we have been given.

I guess we are fortunate that God doesn't think like me.  I see where we are just complaining ingrates that do not deserve anything, but God still wants to bless us in spite of our poor attitudes.  We do need to realize that in order to be more like Him we need to become a grateful people and not like everyone else out there that thinks we are entitled to more.

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